Exhibit 1

Before and After

Background Description:

Here is a photo that my friend took of me on the left with a DSLR and the right is the finishing product. There is no other background besides doing a quick fun photoshoot with my friends.

Design Process: 

There was no design process, however there was a design concept when I originally took this photo. I wanted to have a Beyonce Formation moment and planned it from there. I obviously changed the background colors drastically to fit my aesthetics.


Photoshop Skills:

For this edit I used the Blemish and Healing tools to fix my face and some of the benches. I used multiple selection tools to help select the benches and grass to change the color. I used the content aware fill tool to hide the imperfections of the benches. I used the Clone tool to extend the bench on the left so it would look more unified. I also used frequency separation on my face to just bring in the photo together. And lastly I cropped the photo to the appropriate size.


Credits: Photo @ Me

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