Exhibit 5

Description & Skills:

This photoshop idea came into action while I was scrolling through youtube videos on "photoshop tutorial". I picked a flower face tutorial because it seemed easy, but yet challenging that it would not give me a head ache. I mostly used the selection tools and warping option on the flowers.


This photo was taken long ago by me (Remote Shutter Release). I thought the pose and the background was nice enough to do the edit. The flowers I got were from Freepik.com, I had to color some of the flowers to match the scheme.


The color of the flowers was well kept between red, pink, white, and yellow. (Pastel like colors)


No alignment was present, maybe just putting the flowers around the inner face instead of around the face.


All flowers was kept close to each other. I tried to leave the flowers a part, but it seemed off and a piece of flower was missing.

No typography was added in or present.


Photo of me taken by me.

Flower Package: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/floral-design-background_4089236.htm#page=1&query=flower&position=49

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